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Store training!

I got a few games in with the staff the other day. Since my team is so amazing, we didn't have anything to discuss during the monthly staff meeting, so we spent that time playing and learning a few new games! First up, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. That wasn't lunch, that was the game. This is a ridiculous little slapping game that won't make any sense at all through text - just come in and give it a demo. Next, Gimme That! It's a roll and write, but there's only one pencil. When you roll the pencil, you shout "Gimme that!" and take the pencil, then get back to writing. Total nonsense, but a ton of fun. Finally, the Star Wars Deckbuilding game. It's a deckbuilder. It's based on Star Wars. If I have to explain it any further, you probably wouldn't like it. There is one really clever new mechanic, where instead of using attack power to hit your opponent, you can use it to blow up their faction's cards in the center row, so your opponent can't buy them. I do love me some unique mechanics!

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