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Kid free adult night playing games!

The kids are with their grandparents for a few days, so my wife and I took an evening to have a rare adult night out with some friends - and obviously we played board games.

First Everdell - this is a beautiful worker placement game. Forgive the stock photo, I forgot to take a picture of the actual setup. This is unique among worker placement games, in that each player progresses through the game at their own pace. All workers don't return home during the same step, each player can choose to progress to the next phase whenever they want to. You're collecting forest themed resources to build cute structures and hire absolutely adorable woodland creatures. You're building out 15 spots in your town, and occasionally building into other people's towns, as I learned the hard way. Awesome game, exceedingly beautiful. Will definitely play again.

And after that, I got to teach them Tichu! Tichu is by far my favorite game. Four player partnership game using almost a standard deck of cards. You're trying to play out the cards in your hand, while you're going out you're trying to pick up points. Only certain cards are worth points. I cannot talk this game up enough. If you're a couple and you want something to play with other couples, this game is PERFECT.

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