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Game Days!

I recently attended Game Days, a three day convention put on by the Games Club of Maryland. I was the vendor, but I also got to play tons of great games there! My favorite by far, and the game I sought out for myself immediately, was We're Doomed! The group has exactly 15 minutes to collect resources to build a ship big enough to get us off the planet. There probably won't be enough seats on the ship for everyone, so you also have to collect influence to make sure you get one of those seats. And if someone isn't contributing... You can use some of those resources to shoot a Nuke at another player, knocking them out of the game. It's fast, it's hilarious, and in the three games we played, not ONCE did we actually get anyone to safety. Mostly due to my godson's penchant for nuking people at random. So much fun!

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