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I got to see TONS of new games at GAMA. Barely got to play anything, but man, there are so many cool things coming out! Holotype is basically Wingspan, but with Dinosaurs. Brought that in immediately. There's JAQ - Journey, Adventure, Quest. A quick play RPGish experience. BOOoop is a Halloween style Boop game, coming soon. A handful of fun party style games. And there were TONS of amazing RPG accessories. The amount of dice and dice related items coming into the store now is absolutely unparalleled. But the big winner was Lorecana. This is going to be a new TCG from Ravensberger based on Disney characters. I got a little bit of hands on experience with the game. Also learned that the lead designer is Ryan Miller, one of our old regulars. I had no doubt that the game was going to be a huge hit, but with Ryan's name on it I doubled our orders. One of my retailer friends (Lynn from The GameBoard in Sheboygan WI) brought me a copy of We're Doomed, and we got to play that a few times just for fun. We have yet to get a single seat on the ship, but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying the crap out of the game.

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