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Canton Games is your Friendly Local Game Store! We carry all manner of board games, retro video games, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and tons of dice!

Image by Clint Bustrillos

"This is probably my favorite game store ever.


The owner, Dan, is one of kindest, most welcoming, and genuinely enthusiastic people I've met, and has fostered a community to match.


The employees always have great recommendations for their favorite games and good ideas for gifts. " 


- Kevin


What We Are About


Games are fun, and we love to play them! Whether you play video games, board games or RPGs, you will find something great to play! If you didn't find something fun while you're in here, then you accidentally walked into the neighbor's garage.


We're a small, locally owned business. We're not owned by a mega corporation who wants to send our CEO to space - we're a small, family run business whose owner really WANTS to go to space, but he'll settle for sending his kids to Gymnastics camp.


We have the absolute best people who play here. Winning is great, but the focus is on making friends and having a great time. Games are meant to be fun, and we work hard to make sure that everyone who shows up is enjoying themselves. If you're not having fun for some reason, come tell us and we'll make it right.


Everyone is allowed and welcomed at our tables. All genders (or lack thereof), nationalities, religions, skin tones, etc. Everyone is welcome to play here. And in order to make sure that everyone is welcomed, that means we actively don't allow "THAT GUY" to play in the store. We've banned him before and we'll ban him again.

Meet the Team

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Legend Dan Hoffman

Legend Dan Hoffman is a game store owner and game designer.  He designed his first board game at the age of two, which involved throwing things on the ground and crying until someone picked them back up.  Today his games are a little more complex, but he's still known to throw things if he loses at Dominion.


Kevin says, "The owner, Dan, is one of kindest, most welcoming, and genuinely enthusiastic people I've met, and has fostered a community to match." 



Lindsay is our shop's druid - in her time off she enjoys playing video games like roguelikes, drawing, painting, reading web serials and horror, and tending to her hundreds of houseplants.



Steph is a Baltimore-local who loves to collect weird, niche, and nerdy hobbies like competitive ballroom and Latin dancing, way too much League of Legends, music and art of all kinds, and, of course, tabletop gaming. She loves to talk about whatever her newest favorite board game is (because it's always changing), all the fun things she's teaching her dance students, and her two cats that are always causing trouble. Steph is very excited to finally get to spend all of her time working around all of the things she loves, especially now that she's running Dungeons & Dragons for the store.



Kat was raised by a colony of feral cats on the streets of South West Baltimore.  She started playing Magic in 2009 after finding a Dredge deck in a dumpster on South Carey Street. After growing bored with playing the local rats for Doritos, she decided to rejoin human society and made her way to Canton Games.  She continues to be disappointed by your taste in dumpster food.  

"One of the best game stores I've been to anywhere. This is a true gamer's paradise, unlike a lot of stores which contain mostly comic books with a little section of games. The store is clean and well lit, and all of the staff and customers are always fun to be around. They usually have multiple copies of all the mainstay games and can order anything they don't have in stock.

They have fun events almost every day of the week/weekend depending on what games you like to play. I went with my wife on a Thursday night for their Android: Netrunner night, and the owner taught us how to play with his cards before we had our own. We've also been on a Saturday for open gaming and everyone there was friendly and willing to teach us new games.

This is a great place with something for everyone--whether you're a casual gamer, hardcore gamer, or even if you've never played anything before and are looking for an easy way to get into it. Canton Games is a perfect example of what American small businesses should strive for. There are game stores that are closer to where I live but I would much rather drive out of my way to come here."

- Timbo

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